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Singer and songwriter Violet Dusk's passion for music was evident from a young age, starting her vocal training at just 5 years old. She has perfected her craft throughout the years, performing with local bands and writing her own music.


This dedication would only grow in the years to come. 

Violet Dusk gained crucial knowledge on songwriting, performance, and vocal technique from Manchester Community College, where she enrolled in the Music Studies Program in 2018. She is currently studying at Full Sail University to deepen her knowledge of music marketing and audio production. 

In 2020, Violet Dusk embarked on her solo career. She started working on her Debut EP "Futurebound," and began to devote herself towards the project and creating music. Violet continously focuses on seeking new and compelling sounds throughout her music. She describes her new sound as energetic rock songs with roots in pop punk and alternative rock. Violet looks forward to releasing new music throughout 2022


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